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Our iconic tanning cream is applied to the skin using an exclusive velvet mitt to smooth & blend for a flawless, natural looking tan that lasts for days.

Great Tan without Sun

Cream Tan Half Body 20-mins

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Cream Tan Full Body 40-mins

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Who needs the sun with this fabulous cream tanning treatment? We carefully apply a layer of our famous self tan for a sunless golden tan that lasts for days.

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Great Spray Tan

Great Spray Tan 1/2 Body 15-mins

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Great Spray Tan Full Body 20-mins

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Enriched with skin moisturising properties, this quick tan application dries instantly and leaves a rich natural golden colour that lasts for days. Develops in as little as 2 hours.

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Optional Pre-Tan Polish


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Perfectly prepare your skin before your tan with a full body exfoliation using our Earth enzyme exfoliant

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