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Body Treatments

Experience individual treatments or combine them with your choice of boosters for ultimate results. 

Relaxing Massage


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Add Aromatherapy Essential Oils or Massage Balm to enhance the therapeutic benefits of your treatment

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A deeply relaxing body massage that eases tension, soothes aching muscles and restores balance.

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Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy + 30 minute Massage 50-Mins

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Hot Stone Therapy + 45 Minute Massage 1hr 5mins

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Hot Stone Therapy + 1 hour massage 1hr 20 Mins

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Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles, improves circulation and calms the nervous system. *not a stand alone treatment-Add to a massage treatment.

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Full Body Exfoliation

Earth Enzyme Body Exfoliant – dramatically refine and soften skin texture with papaya enzymes and soothing rice and oat bran.

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Honey Almond Balm – and moisturising honey and almonds gently exfoliate and leave skin soft and supple.

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An Ella Baché Therapist will tailor your body treatment to your skin’s needs for a relaxing and pampering experience. Experience individual treatments or combine them for ultimate results.


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Back Detox

Back Detox

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This unique treatment combines the benefits of a back exfoliation, massage and detoxifying mask to eliminate toxins, relieve stress and smooth the skin

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